О компании

Russian holding company that operates in tobacco, food industry, and in the retail network in Southern federal region, and also owns media assets.

Asset Management Company was founded in 2004 by Ivan Savvidi and located in Rostov-on-Don (Russia). Majority of the enterprises is located in the territory of the Southern Federal District of Russia. Subdivisions and branches of the companies are operating all over the country, in countries far and near abroad and in Europe. "AGROCOM GROUP" makes the list of 200 Russian biggest private companies according to Forbes magazine.

Activity results of 2015

EBITDA — 135,4 million EUROS.

Annual tax assignments into the country budget — 562,7 million EUROS.
In 2014 this figure amounted 455,6 million EUROS.

Total gross sales of «AGROCOM GROUP» grew by 27% and amounts 1 089,6 million EUROS.

Packaging production business-complex «Atlantis-Pak»

Sales revenue in 2015 amounted to €110,8 million EUROS. Export accounted for 41% of net sales.

EBITDA was €36,7 million.

"Atlantis-Pak" sales and services cover globally more than 82 countries. The company continues to expand into new territories.

To enhance its EU position, being closer to the Customers, Atlantis Pak operates its own logistics/conversion centre in the Czech Republic for the additional processing of casing, shirring and UV printing. In addition, we have own sales and service representative offices in Germany and Poland.

Tobacco business-complex («Donskoy tabak»)

At a time when market is contracted (by 7,8% all over Russia at the level of last year), «Donskoy tabak» got up to the forth market position, increased its market share by 0, 7% up to the level of 9,5%.

The volume of output amounts 32,9 billion cigarettes in 2015.

Total volume of sales — 33,1 billion cigarettes.

Brand portfolio of the company contains more than 120 brands of tobacco products. Sales geography: Russia and export markets.

Leaders of the total sales pattern — brands «Donskoy Tabak», «Continent», «PLAY», «Kiss».

Total volume of export sales amounts to 6,05 billion cigarettes.
Main export markets: Abkhazia, Georgia, Kazakhstan. In 2015 new export markets were developed: Belgium, Palestine, Paraguay, Nigeria..

Gross volume of sales grew by 33% to the level 829,3 million EUROS.
Total net sales — 256,5 million EUROS.

EBITDA made 82,9 million EUROS.

Volume of tax payments grew by 24% and amounts to 525,5 million EUROS.

New products such as «Continent» SMARTLINE Kavkaz, «Kiss» CHERRY, «Kiss» additive free, «Dontabak» Queen-size were introduced.

Meat business-complex (Group of companies «TAVR»)

In 2015 volume of output made about 45 thousand of tones of sausage and ready-to-cook foods.

Product range amounts 203 items.

In 2015 17 new products were introduced.

Geography of sales covers South of Russia and the North Caucasus Republics. Market share in Southern Federal District — 17,2%.

Other business-projects

«Akva-Don» LLC

In 2015 company produced 28,7 million of bottles.


Total gross sales — 1,1 million EUROS